Nothing to Negotiate

Specifically for the people who keep saying that Ukraine should negotiate with Russia:

“Red-listed” means these animals are under a threat of extinction. But that’s not even the point. What can anybody possibly negotiate with the people who think this is a good thing to do?


3 thoughts on “Nothing to Negotiate

  1. I think there is always room for negotiation. This is what I tell people who talk about negotiation: Sure, they can negotiate about how Russia is going to completely leave internationally recognized Ukrainian land (including Crimea) and pay for every single soul and material that they destroyed; they have about $500 billion dollars, that’s a good start. In exchange Ukraine agrees to a peace treaty and to stop completely annihilating the Russian armed forces. I think this could be negotiable, don’t you think?


  2. Killing endangered species is a capital offense under international law. Captured Russian soldiers carrying out such atrocities are subject to summary execution without benefit of a trial.

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