Is There a Cost?

Now they are asking? What kind of an incredible bastard mutilates healthy children and then starts wondering about the consequences? Excuse me, not consequences. “Costs.” To “buy time.” The semantic field is overcharged with market terminology.

We have a family in the parish, five kids, dad left mom just as one of the girls hit puberty. You don’t have to be Freud to figure out why in this situation the girl cut her hair short, started wearing boy clothes and answering to a boy name. This is a religious family – at least the mom is; the dad quit both the mom and the church – so there was no plan to medicate the girl.

And guess what? Like these kids almost invariably do, she grew out of it. This past Sunday she was at church looking radiant in a beautiful frilly dress, and her hair is growing back.

But if some eager bastard started medicating and surgically altering this girl in response to what’s clearly a psychological issue, she wouldn’t have walked away from it so easily.


8 thoughts on “Is There a Cost?

  1. There’s an underlying… I don’t want to call it failure because I think it’s deliberate, to acknowledge that adolescence is a time for overwhelming feelings (that will settle down later) and poor decision-making based on those overwhelming feelings. It’s why we have statutory rape laws. It’s why our culture frowns on getting married before age 23 or so. It’s why you have to be 18 to buy cigarettes or get a tattoo or join the military, 21 to buy alcohol. It’s why juvenile offenses are not treated the same way as adult offenses in the courts. Nobody wants to let teenagers make permanent life-altering decisions.

    Except this one thing. Which for some reason teenagers have to be “affirmed” (i.e. shoved) into as quickly as possible before they change their minds. Why is that? Why this thing, and not tattoos, booze, tobacco, four-year military contracts, etc? This one thing that didn’t exist until five minutes ago, is extremely expensive, and is now apparently a human right?

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    1. That’s why they are so invested into the lie that puberty blockers (and even radical mastectomy!!) are completely reversible. This can’t make any sense to anybody with a functioning brain but it’s an article of faith among these people. “You can always sew the boobs back on” is an actual phrase they use. The stunning disrespect for the human body, and women in particular. Note how they always refer to breasts as “boobs” or “teats.” The idea that breasts have no other function but the purely decorative. All of this is noxious. All of this is aimed at churning out little invalids who see their bodies as machines that need to be tinkered with endlessly.

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      1. My mother had a double mastectomy for cancer. At her age, breasts were more of nuisance than an asset anyway, and she was not sorry to be rid of them. But even if you have zero reason (emotional, aesthetic, functional, whatever) to have breasts, removing them is a gigantic physical trauma that leaves a lot of scar tissue and removes whole networks of lymph nodes, which we understand very poorly, but which are a whole network of little vessels and tubules that move fluids around the body… and which are devastatingly affected when body parts, or large amounts of tissue, are removed. They’re integrated into everything and there’s no way to spare them, and no, we don’t actually know what the long-term consequences are of removing a whole bunch of them. In the near term, though, it’s a lot of nasty, painful swelling, bizarre cysts, and stinking surgical drains.

        Personally, I think if you told every girl contemplating breast removal, up front and in excruciating detail, exactly what the post-surgical process entailed– that it would involve a bunch of drains and tubes sticking out of them, for a week or more, with little bulbs collecting the leaking lymph and plasma, that would have to be emptied several times a day…. that they’d be in constant pain, that the drains themselves would hurt, that it comes with a high risk of infection, that if everything doesn’t work out just so, they could end up with huge pockets of fluid collecting around the surgical site, which would have to be drained… and then asked “are you sure you want to go through with this?” you might at least get a few desisters on real, honest, informed consent.

        Having played post-surgery nurse for that, I can honestly say that even if I had cancer I’d think twice about the mastectomy.

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        1. As women, we spend our lives terrified of breast cancer. I almost perished of stress when doctors found something during one of my mammograms. Thank God, it was a false alarm. The idea of young girls, kids really, deciding to amputate healthy breasts is absolutely horrid. I’m stunned that there are doctors who agree to do it. Stunned. Also, the parents who allow this – what’s their malfunction? A normal parent would rather die than see her kid mutilated, God. You’ve got to ask yourself, how have I managed to fail so terribly as a mother for my child to want to get rid of her breasts?

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  2. Even without a religious family, one trusted adult can improve the odds for such a teenager by regularly telling the girl that she can cosplay and larp as a boy, “for awhile” because probably something better will come along. Popular vidya like Stein’s; Gate in which a major character appears visually indistinguishable from a girl, but his romantic interest sighs “…Aand, he’s a dude” can help to counter North American aristo propaganda. Having been told before the crisis many times, that any adult wanting you to do things to your body (especially ones that might be dangerous or are hard to change), is a bad ‘un, can lay the groundwork.

    So that the targeted teenager can escape the trap laid for her.

    It can be done in the heart of the conquered parts of the U.S.A., even if one has to keep one’s head down. Seeing teens successfully transition into happy and capable young men and women is an eternal joy. No doubt why the monsters are so fixated on getting their useful idiots all in on the project of derailing children’s natural transition to adulthood.

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  3. The fact that most kids will, if left alone, outgrow their gender confusion/dysphoria is why the pro-transition crowd are so eager to get them on puberty blockers and push them into mutilating surgeries as quickly as possible. Their primary goal is to render these kids sterile, because the earth is overpopulated, people are bad, the fewer people the better, etc. The anti-population crowd has been very open about this ever since the 1960s when Paul Erlich published The Population Bomb. Pretty much anything that reduced population was considered a positive good, and collateral damage was never a concern.

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