Unteachable Dems

Some people are unteachable. The CNN broadcast Trump’s campaign announcement in full while Hannity on Fox didn’t. Once again, the Democrat media are trying to get Trump nominated. Once again, they believe he’ll be easy to beat and offer an easy win to the Dem nominee.

Do they never learn anything? A rabbit would have figured out by now that this is a bad plan.

These people created an utterly ridiculous narrative (“Trump lost the midterms”), repeated it many times, ended up believing it, and are now acting as if their fantasy were reality. Never mind that the fantasy that “Trump is unelectable” already backfired royally in recent memory.

They are going to hang on his every breath again, give him outlandish amount of airtime again, get him elected again, and have a massive freakout when he wins – also again.


12 thoughts on “Unteachable Dems

  1. “give him outlandish amount of airtime again, get him elected again, and have a massive freakout when he wins”

    By now, for democrats, Trump is their beloved symptom… they use him to prove to themselves that they’re still needed.

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  2. The interesting news that Trump shoved out of the headlines is this:

    Texas governor Abbott just declared, officially, that the border situation in his state is an “invasion”. In Texas law, this is a special emergency situation that lets him call up the Texas national guard, and the Texas rangers. He has also declared the cartels to be foreign terrorist organizations.

    We’ll see what actually happens, but at the least it bears watching.


    1. What’s interesting about that is that Texas has Federal guarantees because of its treaty with the United States.

      There are some amusing Leftists who imagine that the Texas “defeat” as part of the Confederacy somehow nullified that treaty.

      But one of those guarantees is a guarantee of protection.

      If the Federal government orders Texas to back down from what it’s doing, Texas can demand enforcement of its treaty with the US, and if it doesn’t get it, Texas could conceivably declare the treaty nullified by force majeure regarding specific performance of the defence requirements.

      And so what Abbott has done is that he’s turned a Federal/State issue into a treaties issue.

      Back in the 1990s, you’d see these occasional oddball articles about Texas and the few people who were into the idea of Texas secession.

      This wouldn’t be secession or anything like it.

      Why be Governor when you can be President or Prime Minister of Texas?

      “Texit” is an actual thing now in the 2020s, whereas back in the 1990s, hardly anyone would support it.

      Can’t imagine how that happened …

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  3. There is a hilarious side-note to all that. There are a bunch of self-styled leftie hippie “magicians” who have been busily cursing Trump for years now. Like, literally. Spells, colored candles, the whole shebang. One of the apparently-forgotten tenets of their own belief system is that whatever juju you fling at other people, you’re also inviting into your own life… which is generally why you shouldn’t go around cursing people. No worries– they figure their cause is so righteous, karma will forgive them or something. Right side of history and stuff. Humans are good at adopting rules, and then convincing themselves that rules don’t apply.

    The spiral of obsessive self-sabotage going on over there is… so poetic, one starts to wonder just how many of them are burning death-to-Trump candles on their home altars. If I were writing that situation into a novel, that would definitely be the explanation for all the weird Trumpophilic public behaviors from people who profess to hate the guy.

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  4. Trump winning in 2016 was a fluke. It’s not going to happen again.

    It’s a sound strategy for the Dems to keep giving him air time; he’s their best motivator. He got Joe Biden elected after all.


  5. “Once again, they believe he’ll be easy to beat and offer an easy win to the Dem nominee.”

    You don’t have to learn anything if you win regardless of how you bet.

    Smiley Bankmanager-Fraud didn’t learn anything while he was winning regardless of how he would continue to bet.

    His girlfriend Caroline “Not Related To Larry” Ellison didn’t learn anything while she was front-running trades because she kept winning regardless of how she bet.

    And they were Just This Close to socialising their losses except that Binance wouldn’t play and they’d lost their mojo trading favours with the Regime of Marxist Dialectic Involving Two Parties, and they were going to be soon out of cash.

    As for that particular Winning Couple(tm), BTC carry trade in Asia (which mostly involved Japan) was an interesting hack that could make a few tens of millions when they did it, but was that really enough for two Professional Meth Heads with Connections and Academic Credential Fu to pull The Steal like they have?

    Oh, you didn’t know they were Professional Meth Heads?

    Restless leg syndrome during a broadcast interview plus that lovely picture of his desk with an EMSAM brochure and a bottle of supplements from Nootropics Depot?

    How could you have missed those clues?

    Oh, you also thought The Steal was just about elections and Glowboys like LW?

    Some Nancy Drew you are! The crooks are getting away!



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