Family Games

A family game we really enjoy is guessing a title of a book from an inventive description of its plot. You can ask yes/no questions to get hints.

“A gloomy curmudgeonly animal loses body parts to attract his friends’ attention.”

“A young lady has a complicated but not completely unproductive relationship with mirrors and bunnies.”

What family games do you play?


14 thoughts on “Family Games

  1. “title of a book from an inventive description”

    My idea would be to describe stories from the point of view of various unhinged political ideologies….

    “Straight ally of gay polyamory suffers from an eating disorder and is sexual assaulted by a priveleged and entitled cis male.”

    “While hiking through the woods, siblings learn the importance of self-defense and that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

    “Poor little rich girl loses her meal ticket and ultimately learns the value of hard work, the dangers of handouts and decides to leave the workforce to become a tradwife.”

    “Gay couple’s voyage is disturbed by repressed zoophilic patriarchal cis male.”

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    1. OK, I figured out Hansel and Gretel but I’m stumped on the rest. I think my brain gets frozen when I hear these words because it feels like I’m at work.

      It’s like this joke about a prostitute who tried dating. “Nah,” she said, “I don’t like it. It’s like being at work but without getting paid.”


  2. answers:
    Snow White
    Hansel & Gretel
    Snow White (again from a different viewpoint)
    Moby Dick (I’m sure there are people who think that Ahab’s whale obsession was repressed zoophilia….)


  3. My family mostly plays cutthroat, marathon games of Rummy. Word games are informal, but constant: Oh, the puns! Nobody tells it like a joke, you just try to slip an awful pun in under the radar, straight-faced, and then everybody else tries not to laugh. Anybody who makes my dad laugh is the undeclared winner. He is the not-laughing man of steel.

    “Have you found a good source for local honey? It’s supposed to help with the seasonal allergies”
    “Better than that! I’ve found a beekeeper who sells the little pollen granules”
    “I’ve heard about those, what’s better about that, vs. honey?”
    “It’s full of B vitamins”


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