Pelosi Bodycam

OK, so was he beaten with a hammer after the police arrived, then? This is making no sense.

I screenshotted because the headline is very likely to be disappeared soon.

5 thoughts on “Pelosi Bodycam

  1. The whole thing is so confusing knowing that detail. Why were the police there? Had the guy threatened him first? Was there an argument? Who called the police?Unless the guy set off an alarm?


  2. The worst thing about it is that the narrative is not being challenged by any of the mainstream media, but then it’s no surprise: they have long since lost any credibility they may have had.


  3. “This is making no sense”

    The bits and peices of damage control leaked and massaged by the mainstream media certainly ddon’t…
    The hypothesis that it was some kind of drug deal or gay escort deal that went wrong when the contact had a mental breakdown still holds together… he could have called the police in the early stages hoping they could get the guy under control and before it was over the hammer got involved…
    I’m sure police in places like “the Bay Area” are used to handling this kind of thing and being… discreet about it.
    The original lie was simply too flimsy and hurried and trying to strengthen it just makes things worse…


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