Weird Trends

Twitter thinks that when I’m in Canada, I become a completely different person:

What is all this? Who cares about all this incredible weirdness?


5 thoughts on “Weird Trends

  1. This is one more thing I don’t have to see because I use Nitter instead of Twitter.

    I tried to write about this here before but your censor-happy NerdPress(tm) software wouldn’t let me.

    It’s easy to use, just look for a Nitter proxy host and substitute that hostname for the one that Twitter uses (as in the one ending in dot-com).

    No more forced sign-ons plus some of the nodes provide proxy video streaming.

    And since I refuse to get a Twitter account (mostly because I’m exclusive and not inclusive), this is how I can still read stuff on Twitter. Combined with an add-on for Firefox that changes Twitter links over to Nitter, I’m able to do without the ugly Flappy Bird’s horrible UX conventions.

    But the one thing I can’t read with Twitter is the “Trending” sidebar.

    Not a huge loss at all. 🙂

    (This comment has been posted using 100% recycled Canadian proxy electrons, go check for yourself!)


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