Reoccurring Limbs

The new thing in Russian propaganda is that Russian scientists are far ahead of everybody in the world and know how to regrow lost limbs. Wartime amputees shouldn’t worry! It’s no trouble to make new legs sprout where the old ones used to be. Then the soldier can go back to the front, lose them again, and, I assume, keep regrowing the legs in perpetuity.

It’s curious that a flight from reality these days always involves the capacity to rearrange parts of human body like Lego pieces.

3 thoughts on “Reoccurring Limbs

  1. “Russian propaganda …know how to regrow lost limbs”

    That seems crazy…. but not as crazy as thinking that the west should help russia “rebuild” after the war is over, which is apparently a real idea being put forth by russian “liberals”…..

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  2. Sort of OT: Here’ a nice thread by someone who was at the maidan from the beginning…. It might be useful to show idiots that talk about the CIA or coups…


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