Weighted Down

I’ve been having amazing sleep here in Canada and I couldn’t figure out why. I usually sleep many hours but the quality of sleep is low, so I never feel rested. Over here, though, I get really great sleep. I think what’s causing this welcome experience is that the blanket I’m using here is heavy. Maybe there’s something to those weighted blankets one sees on TV? Has anybody tried them?


8 thoughts on “Weighted Down

    1. …I delay using the heat in the house, for as long as possible. The weather’s changed here, 40s at night and gets down to maybe 60-62 in the house. My kids are sleeping better now that we’ve dragged the blankets out of storage.


    2. That was my go-to until I got married. My husband claims everything about open windows keeps him from sleeping well – the breeze, the smell of outside, the noises, etc – and complains incessantly when I attempt to leave a window open at night. I gave up two decades ago. But I still refuse to turn the heat on in the house until the temps drop below freezing.

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  1. Based on what I see online, a lot of people with autism and ADHD say weighted blankets are really helpful. I have a super heavy blanket (not weighted, just a thick heavy comforter) and I sleep great.


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