Eternal Summer

Back home, it’s 62°F.


I’m so glad I left, even if for a little while. It’s impossible to live in such a stupid climate. It’s an eternal summer, such rot!

Put me right off wanting to go back home. It’s just a bit above freezing here, which is about 20 degrees over my optimal temperature but at least there’s a bit of snow.


19 thoughts on “Eternal Summer

  1. Clarissa: I love going on vacations in Fort Myers …



    You’d hate being in the Caribbean as well, BTW.

    Check out the forecasts for Nassau in The Bahamas and Roseau in Dominica.

    Go on, tell us all what’s so unusual about them from your perspective, this’ll be fun.

    Also, to answer the question you’re likely to ask after noticing that: yes, all year round. 🙂


    1. It’s a different kind of heat, though. Heat in a landlocked state can get stale—on the coast Florida often has a nice breeze of some sort.


      1. “It’s a different kind of heat”

        It’s very subjective too. Once on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria it was over 40 c and I felt fine (I just stayed out of direct sunlight as much as possible, lots of breezes)
        On other hand, near Malaga in Southern Spain it was 36 c and it felt far, far hotter. It just… pounded you from all directions and the wind wasn’t cooling at all.


  2. I’m at 30F, so -1.1C. It’s actually quite nice out. Surprisingly balmy compared to the absolutely blistering cold it’s been for a bit.


  3. I’m surprised that you are not a supporter of strong measures against climate change, given your love for cold weather! Do you think this is an issue where you might change your mind some time in the future?


      1. Aha. I’m happy to read this. So you’re actually against climate change, you just don’t think that currently suggested measures are good!
        I hope you will write about what you think would be useful measures, I’d be extremely curious. I’m currently reading about this “carbon coin” idea, but I don’t know enough about economics to figure out if this really could work…. It’s an extremely tricky problem.
        But I hope we will find a solution. I find it terribly sad that it doesn’t snow as often as it used to here where I live and I don’t want the winter to disappear further. 😦

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        1. A year ago I would have said that building more nuclear power plants is a good idea. But we are now seeing how dangerous they become in case of a war. It’s fine in North America, but Asia, Africa and now even Europe are unstable. So I don’t even know anymore.


            1. All methods of generating electricity are ways of offloading costs onto people who don’t consent to those costs: people who live downwind/downstream, and all the people who’ll be affected by the toxic wastes so generated, for generations to come.

              Nuclear is the most egregious of these. Long after humans have ceased to benefit from nuclear power, the wastes will still be dangerous to them OR, they’ll be forced to devote continuous resources (that could have been used for other things) to containing those wastes. Nuclear is not cheap. It’s just a nasty way to offload the (massive) costs onto future generations for thousands of years to come.


  4. Hey, Clarissa, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH WORDPRESS — assuming that you’re still using that abomination???

    I was the VERY FIRST person to comment on this post, literally within minutes after you published it many hours ago — and my harmless comment apparently went into some kind of “moderation” and was kept out of sight for HOURS, while the other four equally harmless posts from the other posters were shown as soon as they were typed!

    At least when it finally cleared “moderation,” WordPress had the decency to put my comment in correct order as the very first comment at the top of the other posts — but that hardly makes up for keeping my comment hidden in limbo until WordPress finally deemed it worthy of display!

    Damn WordPress to Hell! I wish I were a believer, so I could fantasize about its programmers roasting eternally in a special hellfire reserved for the perverted geeks who write computer programming!!


    1. Happens to my comments fairly regularly. I think there’s some kind of keyword trigger– use the wrong word, or enough of the wrong words, or a language WP doesn’t like— shoop! off to moderation.

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    2. What do you expect, posting comments that are pro-hot weather? My WordPress is on my side and is as horrified as I am that anybody wants to roast in a hellfire pit of eternal summer while still alive.


  5. It is shaping up into a lovely Thanksgiving day here– 63 degrees outside right now, gonna crank open the windows and set up some fans so the oven doesn’t heat up the house too much 🙂


      1. It’s what I grew up with. I’m thoroughly acclimated. Usually Christmas is colder (one year it snowed!), but once in a while… we get a little winter warm spell, and it’s just like this. 70-ish. We do have cold snaps, that last about a week each, November to February, but it’s never really safe to pack up the shorts and sandals.

        I spent some years in colder climes, and I never liked it. Cold dry air makes it hard to breathe, cracks my skin… and I hate shoveling precipitation. I need humidity, sunshine, and a sea breeze– that is the way to live 🙂


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