These people are hopeless, I’m telling you.

This is the same city:

It was never bombed or anything like it. This is what it looks like in peacetime. And after decades of oil and gas prosperity.

And now look at this:

So when people equate Russian and Ukrainian corruption, they are being stupid. There’s corruption, and then there’s Norilsk.

2 thoughts on “Hopeless

  1. I’d go along with this picture of grey buildings in principle if it weren’t for living in Stockholm through the dead of winter.

    Every building gets covered with globs of black snowy gunk and worse.

    The streets fill up with grey/brown snow that if you’re lucky freezes into something you can walk on without getting it all over your clothing.

    Toward the city centre, there are maintenance people who keep the buildings and pavements clear of that stuff, and so the illusion of a clean city (surrounded by venting sewers) remains in place.

    Out farther away, the people living in the buildings don’t have the funds to do much more than clear the crap away a few well-selected times per year, and so the buildings stay like that for months at a time.

    Spring is lovely because once the temperature reliably stays above 4 C, the maintenance crews can remove the film of filth and all of the globs of gunk.

    But during the winter, they’ll think you’re in marketing or management if you wear around incredibly nice winter shoes or boots.

    “How can people tolerate this?”

    Turning Searle on his head, the question now reads: “How can people actively plan for a possible world that looks like this?”

    Because that’s really the better question to be asking.

    Somewhere, somehow, some people wanted this “mistake as a hidden intention” (thanks, Brian Eno), and everything fell into place.


    Try to cope. 🙂


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