COVID Posters

At the pediatrician’s, there are three large posters explaining how great COVID vaccines are. And we had to wait for 40 minutes to be seen. Since Klara now reads, there was nothing I could do to prevent her from reading the posters. And then there were 35 joyous minutes of answering the questions of “Why does it say there are people who don’t want these vaccines if they are so good? Am I getting one? Why not? It says here they are great for kids. Did you get one? Did Daddy? Why not? It says they don’t interfere with fertility. What’s fertility? Is Daddy not getting the vaccine because he doesn’t want another baby? Because he loves me so much? What’s a spike protein? It says here the vaccine trains your body to develop its own spike proteins. Is that a good thing? Do I have spike proteins?” By the time the pediatrician showed up, I was ready to spike-protein him into the infinity.


7 thoughts on “COVID Posters

    1. On the East Coast Children’s hospitals are full children with respiratory complications due to lack of immunity because of COVID. Crazy how that goes around.


  1. Oi. I would have been giving loud and frank answers about what a crock of shite that propaganda campaign is, and how it is a way of conducting dangerous research on a poorly-educated public, transferring the nation’s wealth to drug companies instead of to things that benefit us, like clean drinking water, good sewer systems, decent roads and safe bridges. Followed by asking the doc how much money the office gets for putting up the ads.

    Because I can’t keep my mouth shut. Definitely would have to get a new pediatrician.

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  2. I left our pediatrician over vaccines. During our well check up in 2021, they spent majority of time talking about my child getting Covid shot as soon as available because they are so great (those things were not out of clinical trials for that age category yet). Mercifully, no propaganda at the new place. Still, trying to avoid going there as much as I can.

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  3. My husband is the only person in his family who hasn’t taken the jab. (He’s 76 years old and the eldest of four.) All his siblings and their spouses took the jab, and they all got covid anyway. My husband still hasn’t had covid, at least not that we know of. If he had it, the symptoms were so mild that he wrote it off as a garden-variety cold. Tell me again how wonderful the Fauci Ouchie is.

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  4. ” the symptoms were so mild that he wrote it off as a garden-variety cold”

    I don’t regret being ‘vaccinated’ but I kind of regret getting tested… I was 90% over the mild cold-like symptoms I had when I got tested (which ended up being very tiring and drew out the symptoms for a couple of days).
    If I never got tested I would have missed one week of work, with testing I missed almost a month (3 weeks of which were without symptoms).

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