Covert Operation or Not?

Does anybody else think that this whole ongoing Trump-Fuentes-Kanye debacle is a covert operation to destroy Trump’s new election campaign at the get-go? The dinner they had together was clearly a setup. Somebody close to Trump must have engineered it, probably for financial reasons. But what about the rest of the slow-motion train wreck we are observing? You’d literally have to bribe 2 or 3 people at most to make it happen.

17 thoughts on “Covert Operation or Not?

  1. Let us assume for a second that you are correct. This would get us back to the fact that Trump is terrible at surrounding himself with people who are actually loyal to him. Take your pick. Trump is either terrible at people management or he likes to play footsie with anti-Semites. Personally, I think incompetence is more of a problem than mere bigotry.

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    1. I’m not trying to remove responsibility from Trump in any way. Anybody who sits down at the same table with Nick Fuentes is a loser bastard. I’ve had it with Trump at this point. He’s messed himself up into total irrelevance.


  2. Starting point: I need to cook some rats, because they are preventing me from enjoying anything without the accompaniment of rats.

    Normally, cooking rats is a matter of hunting down some rats privately and also cooking them privately.

    But these are protected rats, rare breeds of rats who would be quite something to cook.

    They are protected by other rats which are so numerous that if I try to hunt them down, they’ll gang up on me, regardless of how much force I bring to the occasion, and so they could wind up eating me instead.

    I also don’t know who those other rats are, making this a problem because I may well be inviting the kinds of rats in who would gang up on me and proceed with eating me summarily.

    And so I strike a compromise out of necessity: I will invite in some rabid rats, which make these other rats afraid of being caught in the same room with them, and I will do so under conditions that make these other rats believe I may now be a carrier of rabies.

    In so doing, I will see whether those around me trust me to know how to handle hygiene around rabid rats.

    Those who don’t have now been deselected for further dealings, and if they play up, I’ll introduce them to some of those rats who like ganging up on unsuspecting rat hunters.

    Occasionally one of these rats who has been deselected makes such a fuss about it that there’s only one solution.

    That rat has now been selected for cooking as a special course of the chef.

    Also, I now have a growing list of the other rats I need to cook.

    Nota bene: it’s not the existence of rats that’s the problem, of course, it’s the existence of rats in close proximity to anything I’m likely to enjoy, and so making a fuss about this tends to lead to being put on the list of rats to cook.

    Bon appetit! 🙂


    1. I think it’s time for Trump to retire political life. He did a lot of good, changed the political landscape, but it’s time to go.

      And thank you for mentioning Arestovich. Even just seeing his name calms me down. The guy is a walking tranquilizer.


  3. I’m a bit confused here, isn’t “Fuentes” a Hispanic name? Is this guy Hispanic?
    I would look it up, but don’t want to give these types any hits.


      1. This going back to the 19th century when the roots of Hispanic identity were looked for among the Visigoths. The deeply Germanic nature of Hispanics was a favorite topic of many Hispanic thinkers. This vein of 🤔 hasn’t disappeared today. I have written on this blog about the bestselling Spanish writer Almudena Grandes who wrote a novel about Germanic superiority shortly before her death last year.


        1. “deeply Germanic nature of Hispanics”

          I remember people from various LA countries getting dreamy looks in their eyes if I mentioned I was taking German or how proud one latino guy I knew that his sister was living in Switzerland…
          I always thought that Germany was crazy to look for immigrants from NAfrica or the Middle East when there’s a whole continent (conveniently far away) full of people who’d love to visit/move there….

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      2. This is a bit unfair. There is lots of respect for Germany everywhere. Go to any Asian country, they worship anything German there.
        Even in the US, German culture is also worshiped.

        In terms of actual legal and government system, I think Latin America models itself more after France than Germany.


        1. ” lots of respect for Germany everywhere”

          It’s not respect…. it’s more like a great big crush that, in a weird way, is divorced from the actual country. It’s Germany as an idea that they love.

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            1. “so does most of the world”

              Not where I am… here Germany is that annoying rich uncle that will pay you well if you work for him but neither of you enjoy the process or each other’s company…
              There’s some… grudging respect for Germany but no unrequited love (reserved for Anglophone countries).

              And I haven’t noticed much love for Germany from Asian people in general (there’s respect for German achievements and some lingering respect for art and science achievements of the past, but…. not like LA).


  4. Trump has never struck me as the racist type. I think this expression captures the situation:

    “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.”


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