British Fantasies

Back in September, the Russian media informed their readers and viewers that the British were so impoverished they couldn’t afford shampoo, toilet paper and soap.

About a month ago, the Russian media informed their readers and viewers that the British had cut down all the trees in their parks to use as firewood.

Today, the Russian media informed their readers and viewers that the British are starving and are reduced to eating the leftovers of dog and cat food that their pets haven’t finished.

What’s the next step in this logical progression? Will the imaginary Brits eat their pets? Storm the Buckingham Palace to conduct a socialist revolution? Ask to be annexed by the prosperous Russia? I can’t wait to find out.


12 thoughts on “British Fantasies

        1. Well, consider it logically: Elon wants to get people equipped with electronic implants so they can talk directly to the internet.

          Kanye appears to be equipped with one already. I think he’s just an early-adopter.

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          1. Augments don’t make you any smarter …

            Augments merely improve the speed of accessing information with which you can continue to do stupid things.

            Unless the augments also offload processing, the augmented are stuck with being like the super bright kid in a small town with a crap library and surrounded by fools giving bad advice.

            So is it really like this or is this just the (LRAD induced) voices in his head?

            Remember friends, it’s not magic if you know how to build the technology yourself!


              1. hahaha yeezbux brought naughtZglowboi to orange man’s dinner LOL

                invite kiwifarms next time yeezbux LOLLLOLZLZLZZLLOLZ


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      1. Well, Elon Musk has helped Ukraine in extraordinary ways, so it actually all works out in the end. We would be in the deepest shit right now without Musk.


  1. “Will the imaginary Brits eat their pets?”

    No, that’s the Imaginary Germans, they ate all of their Imaginary Zoo Animals back during The Mad Cow.

    So now that the Imaginary Germans don’t have any Imaginary Zoo Animals to eat …




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