Bout Interviewed

Victor Bout was interviewed for the Russian TV by a Russian spy in the US Maria Butina. (Remember the anorexic lady who tried to manufacture material for the Russia collusion story? That’s Butina. She was as inept as a spy as she is as an interviewer.)

To liven up the interview with the morose and starving Butina, Bout tried to invent stories of atrocities committed against him in the US jail for his love of Putin. It’s hard to come up with any interesting atrocities, so he went with a story that he’d never been served any blackberries or parsley with his prison meals.

Bout went on and on, describing the food he had eaten in jail, making the tragically underfed Butina look more and more desperate.

4 thoughts on “Bout Interviewed

  1. Am I missing something with the tiny spies working for Russia?

    Anna Chapman’s little Toshiba laptop was so little that I couldn’t type on it, and I’m mostly OK on a 90% laptop layout.

    Yes, I’ve been close enough to the actual laptop that I could see whether I could type on it.

    The dual keyboard cap printing was to me a weird tell, especially since you can use an on-screen keyboard mapping or an input method editor (IME), the latter being how I type in Japanese.

    You’d think that a laptop like that would stand out given the non-official cover.

    Whoever the quartermaster was, they’d been recruited off the Group W Bench.

    Check out Operation Ghost Stories sometime, the laptop is crazy tiny especially for the time.

    BTW … what kind of person doesn’t peel off all of those stupid Intel, AMD, Microsoft, and laptop vendor branding stickers?

    They eventually peel up and stick into your hands.

    Seriously though, does Russia have a tiny spy fetish I don’t know about? 🙂


  2. “Victor Bout”

    Only when I looked in wikipedia did I realize his name is Бут, which would normally be romanized as But (or maybe Boot)….
    I wonder if there’s any relation with Max Boot now….


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