Sad Propaganda

You just got to start laughing at some point:

I mean, there’s propaganda and there’s really sad, pathetic propaganda. This poor Russian bastard was henpecked by his wife and daughter to volunteer for the frontlines just so that he can buy the idiot daughter an iPhone. And Russians think it’s the kind of video that has to be shown publicly. It’s so honest, too. They aren’t fighting against the NATO. They are fighting to get a chance to pick up the consumer goods that NATO countries enjoy without recurring to genocide.

5 thoughts on “Sad Propaganda

  1. “poor Russian bastard”

    Gsleev has written on the russian mentality that sees childrens’ lives as the property of their parents who can dispose of it as they wish (a pre-modern idea by no means unique to russia ).

    This suggests that adult male lives are raw capital to be turned into financial advantage by the material ambitions of women… not news exactly but it’s one thing to know that intellectually and then see it in action….

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    1. I’ve seen a bunch of these videos so far, and the image of an overbearing, judgmental, castrating female is very present. No enemy appears or is mentioned. The purpose of the war is always to escape from the contemptuous gaze of these women.

      Also, the comparison between how Russian and Ukrainian war videos portray masculinity is fascinating. In Ukrainian videos, soldiers are huge, imposing men who look like epic giants. And women in these videos are always happy to see them.

      In Russian videos, men are either boys or bumbling middle-aged men, always scrawny, always desperate to please women, always dependent on women to confer the status of male on them. Like in this video where it’s up to the women to decide who can be considered a man:

      These videos are a suicide note explaining why Russians decided to self-destruct.


      1. This is a culture where children are overwhelmingly raised by mom and grandma with no involvement from the father and women believe that fatherhood is a status they confer at any time after the children are born on men of their choosing who deserve it by good behavior. All kinds of ugliness appear when fatherhood isn’t seen as a biological reality but as an artificial concept controlled by women.


    1. Jesus Lord. This one is really depressing. The grandson has to go to war so that grandpa can buy a sad little packet of sausages. This is a country that has received billions in oil money and is now burning them in Ukraine. And these absolute morons can’t even get upset over that.


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