17 thoughts on “World Cup Riddle

        1. And we have a winner! Russians claim that Argentina only won because of using the Russian “Sputnik” vaccine. Why Argentina won all the previous times is never explained. Probably it was the anticipation of “Sputnik” that caused it.

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          1. I’m not going to ask if anybody in Russia actually believes it because we’ve all seen Russians believe even crazier things.


        2. That’s what I thought, too. As I understand, the French were hit by a flu-like virus (like the rest of the world at the moment–I have three kiddos coughing and sneezing at the moment) in the days leading up to the final, while Argentina… wasn’t? Which clearly shows the superiority of Russian medical science–and, by extension, football, even though Russia didn’t make it to Qatar!

          (The whole thing, like all things Russian, is of course ridiculous: as far as I can tell, no one in France is blaming the loss on the illness of several players (and they had recovered anyway); and most of Argentina’s team play in Europe so how could they have possibly been jabbed with Sputnik? But don’t let the facts get in the way of Russian propaganda!

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        3. Like I’ve said before, Russians are just so pathetic. Grasping at anything they possibly can to try and remain relevant.

          This while invasion of Ukraine was also them throwing a tantrum because the world stopped paying attention to them.

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  1. Our local seasonal bug that’s mowing people down is a stomach bug. It’s a really nasty bastard. Klara thankfully got over hers in one day but I’ve been at it for almost a week now.


    1. I deeply respect the Argentinean meat culture but I don’t understand why we need to look for explanations. Argentina was always a clear favorite, one of the strongest teams in the world. If Canada or Vietnam won, that would be interesting and would require an explanation. But Argentina was very predictable.

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  2. “Russians celebrated Argentina’s win”

    I was gonna be simple and say: Because they’re whiter than the French team (which is also probably true though less weird than the official answer).


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