Eternal Pomodoro

And here’s a Pomodoro timer from 1841:

10 thoughts on “Eternal Pomodoro

  1. Nice. Is this Ukrainian ingenuity? This is what every candle lover needs. I like to offer candles before my icons, but forgetting open flames unattended is a concern..


    1. These are still made, though they’re not as ornate as the one in the video. It’s an automatic candle snuffer.

      The one in the video is absolutely gorgeous.


      1. “It’s Polish”

        The comments are a trip, lots of the usual mix of knowitallism and humor and cynicism “and after 1841 people realized they could just blow” and some humor at the expense of a “EU Digital Ambassador” who’d posted this yesterday:

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    1. It’s a reference to the Pomodoro productivity method. You work in 25 minute chunks of time. If you know how fast the candle burns, you can set the device to extinguish the candle after however long you like—say, after 25 minutes.


  2. All of the smartarses suggesting that you “blow” have no real idea how dangerous candles are.

    Anyone here remember DJ Suba in Sao Paulo?

    His studio went up in flames because of “mood lighting candles”, and I believe the circumstances of his death were that he died of smoke inhalation trying to save the digital media for a new album he was working on with his new vocalist.

    As for those of you who haven’t heard of DJ Suba, ever heard of Bebel Gilberto?

    The album he was working on with her was “Tanto Tempo”, the one that totally changed her sound and put her on a global stage. Bebel Gilberto was the new vocalist.

    I go to candle shops occasionally and rarely see any candle timers like these or like anything else.

    Some of the condo HOAs I’ve had to deal with in the past have regulations that flat out ban candles or limit them to a certain size, such as only tealights within holders.


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