Nasty Christmas Joke

The school that my sister’s first-grader attends played a really nasty joke on the parents.

They conducted an activity where children wrote letters to Santa telling him what gifts they wanted.

But instead of telling the parents, the school mailed them “a reply from Santa” in which Santa promised to deliver the gifts the kids asked for. The reply arrived two days before Christmas.

Imagine having to explain to a kid why Santa won’t be delivering the $500 Playstation that he promised in a letter. Or a puppy. Or a gigantic dinosaur. Kids can come up with a lot of cuckoo-bananas stuff without parental supervision.


4 thoughts on “Nasty Christmas Joke

    1. They must have thought it would be sweet to have kids receive letters from Santa, but I literally found out on December 22nd that Santa had promised my 7 year old son a PlayStation which I had zero intention of getting him. 🤦🏻‍♀️


      1. “must have thought it would be sweet to have kids receive letters from Santa”

        Then the letters would be personal about the kids and non-commital about the presents. This was an act of malice – would write more but on vacation and lazing around beckons.

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  1. Is it too late for Santa to reply that because the request had been sent from school, the presents would be delivered via the school chimney and that the pupils should ask their teacher for them on the first day back?


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