Don’t Trust Memes

There’s an occupied town called Makiivka. My mother is from close around there. Russians really liked the school building in Makiivka. It’s new and comfortable. They put an artillery depot and a regiment of recruits there. Yes, in the same building. So smart. They were counting on their aerial defenses to protect the spot.

Of course, Ukrainians wanted to hit the depot but what to do about the aerial defense? So they spread a rumor that Ukraine was going to hit Moscow and St Petersburg with an air strike on New Year’s Day. Made some cute memes with Moscow burning. Russians believed it because if it’s on social media it’s got to be true, right? They moved the air defense system away from Makiivka and into Russia.

“Good doggie,” said Ukrainians and hit the depot in Makiivka on New Year’s. The depot blew up. Over 600 Russian soldiers are dead or wounded.

Moral of the story: memes are not reality.

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