Austerity vs Ideology

Our lecturers didn’t show a picture of Muhammad but they all still lost their jobs anyway. The story of austerity and how it’s destroying higher education is being hidden behind these manufactured scandals.


One thought on “Austerity vs Ideology

  1. “austerity and how it’s destroying higher education”

    A couple of years ago I mentioned how my work place was dissolved and reconstituted into two (neither of which makes much academic/educational sense, but…. whatever) through the agency of a malignant narcissist.
    As it later turned out, the narcissist was just the tool of an administrator who wanted to take over a very financially lucrative major and was casually discarded by those behind the dissolution once they were no longer needed.
    Now the whole… faculty/college is probably splitting up because of the weird austerity approach of the dean – the university was declared as part of the national research elite and is getting increased funding from the state budget but… when has that ever stopped those obsessed with austerity?
    The final straw was apparently a declaration that departing faculty would no be replaced until four left (at which point one new hire would be allowed though not necessarily going to any of the places that lost faculty but rather to a department chosen by the dean…).
    Presently about half the faculty/college wants to split since there’s no possibility of any kind of educational or academic development under those conditions.
    I was talking with another colleage (non-Polish) who said there had been similar hiring cutbacks in their country of origin and of course it was a disaster but mere failure didn’t deter those behind it.


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