Winning Strategy

This is as stupid as the previous drama around classified documents and Trump. No, forget that. It’s more stupid because it’s nothing but an imitation of what the opponent did.

If you want to win – and I’m not talking about politics right now – you can’t be a resentful, pouty follower. You need your own strategy that you carry out as if the opponent were so much dust at your feet.


4 thoughts on “Winning Strategy

  1. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

    “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” — Saul Alinsky

    And just remember, you can always sneak in a positive reference to The Big Evil Guy if you don’t do it in the dedication. (Sorry, Ben Carson.) 🙂

    Using the Rules for Radicals against the Left shows a complete understanding of American politics.

    Always use the mistakes that your enemies give you.


  2. So … did anyone else see the “meteor” moving at Mach 35+ over the Western Atlantic around 12:50 AM Atlantic Standard Time?


  3. There’s no Republican strategy, because they’re the same party, serving the same interests, as the Democrats. Dems have decided it’s time for a controlled demolition of the Biden charade. Republicans have been given their script and are following it. I wish the performance were one of those all-volunteer shakespeare-in-the-park things that you can just walk away from when it gets too painful to watch.


    1. On reflection: no, that’s not quite right.

      I still think it’s a scripted response.

      Not sure if it’s the anticipated controlled demolition or not. It wouldn’t be in the press at all, if the uniparty hadn’t decided to do something with it, but it’s unclear what the purpose is.

      Generally, Republicans squealing about (insert any issue here) “because Trump” is a universal signal for the Democrat side of the machine to simply turn a blind eye to it, or decide that actually, it’s a good thing after all, because anything Republicans are for, we have to be against. So.

      Are we positioning Trump to run again as controlled opposition (oh, well, I guess that documents thing isn’t such a big deal if Biden was doing it)? Let a little pressure off the dam?

      Another option is simply that the uniparty loves them some bear-baiting. Could be just one more instance of “we’re going to prosecute your guy to the fullest extent of the law, and then we’re gonna make sure that our guy walks for the exact same offense. Because we like watching you all yell “but that’s not FAIR” like impotent six-year-olds at a tee-ball game”.


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