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Kamyshin is the CEO of Ukrainian Railways. If he can get his trains to run on time under the bombs, you can meet your deadline no sweat. This isn’t meant to make anybody feel guilty but inspired. We are all capable of greatness simply because we are human. Be like Kamyshin and take pride in achievement.

And now excuse me, I have a deadline to meet.

7 thoughts on “Motivational Post

  1. This is magnificent news. It’s also very much my mindset: who knows, am I a little Ukrainian? After all my family on my mother’s side come from Łuck, today Lutsk in Ukraine.


  2. ” Ukrainian Railways. If he can get his trains to run on time”

    Back in September I was on an online meeting about an upcoming real life meeting in Germany (which I ended up not going to). Talk turned on how to get there by train and the answer seemed to be roughly…. “however you can”. One person at the institution hosting the event launched into a speech on how to deal with Deutsche Bahn at the time “If you see any train going in the right direction get on it and talk to the conductor” was the least third world of the comments….

    I asked an online acquaintance who’d also posted about terrible train service what had happened and the best answer was roughly “everything broke at once and the people in charge are political appointees who don’t know how to do anything”

    This makes Ukrainian Railways all the more impressive!

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    1. One of the most vivid memories of my life is struggling with the unreliable and ridiculous German railway system back in 2019. I had believed all the myths about the reliability and punctuality of the German train system and was shocked at how… fluid it actually was.


    1. Yes, that and worse. I no longer write about any of it because people think I’m inventing this out of some “anti-Russian bias.” I’m particularly tired of one overactive Russophile who haunts the blog looking for an opening to tell me how much she despises Ukraine.


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