Oasis of Calm

What’s curious is that the Ukrainian student who comes to us from air raids and bomb shelters has a lot less anxiety than my regular students. She felt like an oasis of calmness.

Ours was by far the longest conversation I have ever had in my office. Usually, I get up and pretend I need to leave for an urgent meeting after 15 minutes at most. I get very antsy when I’m boxed in a small space with people.

The student said it was a relief to talk with somebody who understands sarcasm and doesn’t try to be nicey-nice all the time.

One thought on “Oasis of Calm

  1. In our grad student cohort, students who seem to have it the most together come from places with oppression, poverty, all sorts of calamity. I don’t know if they are more resilient or they hide damage better, but they are much easier to work with, enthusiastic and motivated, and just seem overall much more exuberant. In contrast, grad students from objectively cushy backgrounds are generally a drag to work with, with poor motivation and just no joie de vivre at all.

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