One thought on “Leopard Party

  1. The Leopard 2 is the better deal versus the Abrams, BTW.

    If you want to see something shocking, go find some videos from Iraq of the Abrams getting popped open like a tin can by an RPG.

    The Abrams is yet another of these “Old Boy Make Work Project” things that the US military’s brass loves.

    The rank and file, not so much.

    Defence preparedness and operational effectiveness have for a long time taken back seats to making sure that payoffs get to the right people.

    But it’s no wonder that the Czech military wanted to keep the Leopard 2 tanks after they sent some of their previously owned garbage to Ukraine.

    We can also talk about the F35 “flying piano” and the Least Capable Ship some time if you’d like. 🙂


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