Bad Suspicions

Speaking about N, yesterday his mother, who hasn’t been in touch since 2013, suddenly sent him $8,000 in cryptocurrency. No message, nothing. It’s a small part of his money that she’s been appropriating but why now?

I have bad suspicions but it’s impossible to find anything out because nobody is talking to each other. N doesn’t even know if his sister has children. Weird stuff.

Scary Screen

I almost gave my husband a heart attack, people. He got a flat screen TV for my room for New Year’s. And I connected it to my cloud so that when I pause it, random photos from my cloud appear on the screen.

Apparently, N had no idea this was an option. Yesterday he came into my room and started talking to me. All of a sudden, his face went blank, with a sort of a frozen, terrorized look. He pointed to the screen and croaked, “Who is that?”

“It’s your daughter Klara,” I said.

“How did she get there??” the poor man asked.

Imagine seeing your own child on TV all of a sudden. That could be very disturbing.


I’m afraid my review of the edited volume ended up being too gushy. But what can I do if I really loved that volume, inasmuch as it’s possible to love a collection of articles.

Two of the 16 articles in it are absolute garbage, three are detailed, conscientious retellings, one is brilliant, and the rest are simply good. That’s outstanding for an edited volume.