Artificially Woke

So the famous chat bot is woke? People say it’s even worse on “white privilege” and that kind of stuff.

This is from social media. I didn’t try it myself because it’s super creepy. Wants my phone number and probably a urine sample for the privilege of spying on me.

Friends in High Places

See? It helps to have friends who work for Big Pharma. My friend told me back in the Fall of 2020 that Novavax was the only one likely to work.

The friend is unvaccinated, obviously.


Protestantism is a culture of individuality, willpower and loneliness.

Catholicism is a culture of dialogue.

Orthodox Christianity is a culture of joy.

As a result, Protestants try to understand and improve themselves to change the world for the better.

Catholics try to understand the Other and establish a conversation.

And the Orthodox love life and try to express this love. Hence the notorious resistance to change. Why change if everything is gooooood?

The Canada Obsession

Canada? The country with the population of 30 million and one of the most unreliable air travel systems in the developed world?

We recently tried to send my aunt from Montreal to Halifax. It took 5 days. She had a ticket, and everything. It was 5 days after the date of her initial ticket.

Analogies are stupid. Canada is a very different country. Its population is tiny compared to ours. It makes zero sense to imitate it.

Curiously, the genre of “let’s be like the US” is nowhere as popular in Canada, as its equivalent is in the US. And it’s really funny that both pro-privatizers and pro-socializers use Canada to justify their plans.


Poland is giving Leopard tanks to Ukraine. This is what I mean when I talk about leadership. Sure, Poland could roll out a million weaselly, nitpicky objections against Ukraine that of course exist between two neighboring nations.

Take a position and defend it consistently, is what I say. If your position is pro-Russian, then go ahead, say it.

Poland will play a leadership role in the new world order while Israel, India, and Spain, just to name a few, will keep pouting about being marginalized in world politics.

Brazil vs Peru

People ask what I think about the riot of Bolsonaro supporters in Brazil. I don’t think anything because both Bolsonaro and Lula stink to high heaven. I do think, though, that there were 18 people who died yesterday because of left-wing riots in Peru and one police officer was burned to death. There are 46 confirmed deaths as of now. This is a death toll incomparable with what happened in Brazil but there’s no hullabaloo over it here in the US because it’s a leftist mob rioting and causing these deaths in Peru.