Bad Movie Choice

I wanted to watch a cute, endearing Christmas cartoon with my kid and somehow ended up with a show where stupid, brainwashed bears from a very cold country invade a beautiful, florid land because they believe the lies their dictator told them.

It’s called Ice Princess Lily in case you think I’m inventing it. Those marching bear troops with their Yakut-like faces were not something I needed at this point in life.

Can’t Buy Me Love

I remember when I was a kid adults were discussing why a relative went back to a horrible, mean, ugly, cheating and STD-ridden boyfriend for the millionth time.

Finally, one more experienced adult said, “Oh, enough with the whys. She loves him, got it? She loves the bastard, that’s why.”

You can’t argue with love but we definitely should stop financing a project that is in love with our mortal enemy.