No Parole

I watched an interview with N’s favorite human rights activist in Russia (yes, a few still exist), and he says that for almost two years no convict in Russia could get released on parole. Convicts were being saved up for future channeling into the army. The numbers of these prison inmates who already died in Ukraine are staggering.


8 thoughts on “No Parole

  1. “Convicts were being saved up for future channeling into the army”

    word is….. (you know all this but for your readers….)

    russia has bought mobile crematoriums from China (to delay the russian public realizing how many russian men are being ground up at the front… as if they would care if they knew)

    second major mobilization has begun (they never stopped but they’re about to ramped up) they cant even find matching uniforms for most of the future conscripts, let alone weapons, they’re apparently planning on human waves of unarmed conscripts – see crematoriums….)

    putain is nowhere near bothered by the casualty rate of russian soldiers and will accept at least as twice as many to get something he can call a ‘victory’….

    the anti-aircraft systems they’re putting up in Moscow is part of a plan to turn the war into a “people’s war” – putain will take credit for any “good” news and blame the country for any bad news….

    there’s more but that’s enough for now…

    Cue the Ukraine hater to come and make passive-aggressive comments about prejudice…..


      1. “Reducing the population leaves more for the survivors”

        Like American Indian tribes kicking out members so those remaining get bigger slices of the tribe’s resources?

        That might be a tiny, tiny part of it (esp since non-ethnic-russian minorities are over-represented among conscripts) but i’ts more likely just that the russian government doesn’t think ahead and thinks of residents of the country as a natural resource to be disposed of however it wishes…

        The result is a catastrophe for the country (already plagued by terrible demographic problems and killing off and/or driving away a large percentage of breeding age men… isn’t going to help).


        1. The size of the next generation depends on the number of breeding age women, not men, though. The surviving men might be too busy to think about overthrowing Putin.


            1. It’s good for some people. The former president of SA got on very well with Putin, and he had five wives and at least 20 children.


          1. \ The size of the next generation depends on the number of breeding age women, not men, though.

            May be, it’s partly true for wood grouse, rabbits or herds of swine, but definitely not for people.


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