At Home

I went out with a group of Spanish scholars today, and it was lovely. Two were left-wing and two conservative. Of course, the left-wing academics would be considered far right in the US which they know and find very entertaining. We had a fantastic discussion, and it was a profound pleasure to be among people who are speaking openly and saying things nobody would dare breathe in US academia.

Everybody argued and yelled without being terrified of giving offense. I haven’t participated in anything this intellectually stimulating… since the last time I spoke with this group.

One of the academics I met left a tenure-track job in the US 6 months before going up for tenure because of the stultifying environment of extreme wokeness. She is considered extremely left-wing in Spain but back in Kentucky she was perceived as almost to the right of Hitler.

Of course, I have this blog where I can speak of things that interest me but I very much miss having such discussions in real life. I don’t think I’m going to go to any more conferences in North America because what’s the point of listening to strings of slogans that we all already know? I’ll go to Spain instead.


2 thoughts on “At Home

    1. Man, good question. The center has moved so much in recent years that what was considered – and still is everywhere in the world – very lefty, in the US is now to the right of fascism.

      An example. The colleague who is a Communist believes in material reality. As a Marxist, she thinks that material conditions of life aren’t only important but defining. I don’t agree but that’s the standard Marxist view. So the idea that whether you are male or female is decided by how you feel about it is ludicrous to her.

      Also, as a Communist she’s against the exploitation of the working class, so against mass migration.

      Anti-transism, anti-mass migration – what is this if not right-wing in the US?


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