Conference Impressions

I promise I will write about Mexican developments tomorrow. Today I’m at the conference all day. We had a dish called “Spanish tears.” At first, I thought it was a beverage but it turned out to be strips of meat that I didn’t particularly appreciate. We also had potatoes 5 different ways, so I’m not complaining. I also ordered something people were calling “Clarita” because I miss my kid and the word reminded me of her. I thought it was an egg. Turns out Clarita is light – or what do you call it? It means not dark – beer. And even though I detest beer, this one was delicious.

I’ve been hanging with amazing people here at the conference. I also met an academic whom I deeply admire and then it turned out that he deeply admires me and always wanted to meet me.

Also, I remembered why I started to learn Spanish in the first place all those years ago. My Spanish-speaking persona has no sociability problems. It’s so much lighter than my regular self that it gives me freedom from the inner heaviness that I normally carry everywhere. I almost never get to talk to any native speakers of Spanish anymore, so I actually forgot how it feels. Imagine, making all that effort to learn a language in adulthood and achieve complete fluency to escape from your unpleasant personality and then not being able to use it.

It’s really funny, though, because the people I’ve been hanging out with all day have no idea that I’m usually nothing like the person they saw.

I’m glad I ended up being with people all day because otherwise I’d stay in bed staring at the wall and remembering the first day of the Russian invasion a year ago.


5 thoughts on “Conference Impressions

      1. They all taste like Wikicolas: you believed you had a choice, but everyone’s following the same core formula.


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