An Evening in Madrid

Technology is really cool in many ways. I’m in Madrid, coordinating a sunflower shoot delivery back home while attending a lecture on political science in Ukraine.

But it’s ok because I read a whole paper book today. It’s a police procedural by a Basque author Peru Cámara set in San Sebastián. So my subjectivity is fine for now.

I’m dragging a whole suitcase of books back home because Spanish books are very far removed from the standards of political correctness and we are seeing what’s happening with digital editions. And new paper editions.


7 thoughts on “An Evening in Madrid

    1. Ah, but they’ll put fragments of the redacted passages into an external compendium …

      Naturally, they’ll be printed on stickers so that you may paste them on top of the altered text.

      They’ll call the altered version Uncle Rebus. 🙂

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  1. Bleh. I’m obsessive about reading original works, non-abridged. Books are products of their times—that doesn’t mean they need to be edited out for the sake of modern “sensitivity”. I am irked.

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    1. It doesn’t hurt my feelings to see the words “double chin” but it kind of does to discover that people find the concept so obscene that it’s censored out of children’s books.


  2. “… we are seeing what’s happening with digital editions …”

    I’ve mentioned DRM lock busting several times here, I’m fairly sure of it, because I refuse to buy any digital books that I can’t bust out of the DRM jail shortly after purchase.

    Once that’s done, I no longer have to bother with downloading any “updates” as well.

    “James Bond novels …”

    Bought the set years ago via Kobo, then proceeded to jail break them out of their miserable little DRM jail.

    Of course, since breaking these books out of DRM jail is legal in the US because of the Library of Congress asserting personal rights to DRM jail breaks, what James Bond 007 movie would be most appropriate?

    For Your Eyes Only?

    Ah, but The World Is Not Enough.

    Certainly these jokes will Die Another Day. 🙂

    But if you’d like a short bit on how to do this, I could be convinced to provide a few short details.


      1. DRM= Digital Rights Management. It comes with most ebooks, and is a bit of code that attempts to prevent you actually owning the book, even after you have purchased and downloaded it. You can’t copy it or give it to somebody else, and the publisher/bookseller you got it from can change or even delete the book, on your device, without your permission.


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