The inventor of the Russian COVID vaccine Sputnik (meaning, “companion”) has been strangled by his… erm, companion whom he picked up where such gentlemen normally sell their companionable services.

As you can imagine, jokes about vaccine injury have never been as popular. Some people suspect shady business but I think that a virologist is just as likely to be strangled by a male escort as anybody else.

2 thoughts on “Companionable

  1. My first thought was of another case of important people suddenly ‘falling’ from windows in Russia, only in a more shameful fashion for his family.

    Huge sums of money had to be connected to Sputnik, which was sold not only in Russia despite being the fakest covid vaccine ever invented, from what I understand.

    Why not consider this option?

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    1. Yes, that vaccine is all over Turkey, Latin America, etc. Nobody ever wondered how come it was ready so soon.

      But Russia’s gay scandals are really funny in light of their obsession with everything gay. It recently came out, for example, that Solovyov’s son is a gay prostitute in London.


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