European Frame of Mind

I looked up the directions to my accountant on Google Maps, and the app told me his office is 47 minutes away. This is a very tiny town, and nothing is 47 minutes away. I stared at the app for a long time before realizing that I’d been using it for walking directions in Spain, so the app was still trying to tell me how to get places on foot.

I’ll definitely miss my 15km daily walks I made in Spain. We have great hiking trails in the area but who has the time to walk for hours each day?


One thought on “European Frame of Mind

  1. “trying to tell me how to get places on foot”

    It can annoying or inconvenient at times, but overall one of the things I love about living in Europe is that cities are mostly built for walking. The idea of driving somewhere that could be reached by foot in 15 minutes seems… so weird now.

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