The Right Mood

I spent the whole morning translating the testimony of a Ukrainian mother whose 8-year-old daughter was torn to pieces by Russians and managing the complaints of faculty too traumatized by the threat of COVID to teach in person in 2024.

If anybody can’t contain the need to reiterate their favorite slogans about “the proxy war”, “the need for peace negotiations”, “the military-industrial complex”, “Russia is winning” and “NATO expansion”, now is the perfect time because I’m just in the mood.


2 thoughts on “The Right Mood

  1. It’s good work you are doing Clarissa. I hope this type of testimony gets engraved and saved for generations to read. And hopefully in the more immediate future for war crimes prosecution.

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    1. Yes, that’s why we are doing it. There are currently 40,000+ criminal cases opened over Russian war crimes in Ukraine, and there are going to be a lot more.

      A big Ukrainian counteroffensive is in the works and victory is coming. I’m very grateful to everybody who supports us in this crucial struggle.


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