The Glory of Patriotism

I saw the whole video, too. And many, many others that are much worse. Shame on you, low-IQ bits of fluff who chirp stupidly about “a proxy war” because it makes you feel like less of a moron to use smart-sounding vocabulary.

And good morning, everybody else! I’m back home and have moved to a different app because the WordPress app has been discontinued. If you notice any glitches or anything unusual, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “The Glory of Patriotism

  1. It’s crazy to me how ambivalent some people are about this Russian war of aggression.

    Could it be a way to cope with how fucked thing things are? I mean, ignorance is bliss right?

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    1. Absolutely, that’s a huge part of it. Realizing that bad things can happen and you have no control over that is terrifying. People try to soothe their anxiety by engaging in magical thinking. I get it, I can even feel compassion for their struggles sometimes but there are moments when I don’t have the bandwidth for their issues.


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