Anti-racist Hypocrisy

Yesterday at the Oscars the woke, anti-racist Hollywood crowd celebrated and lionized this guy:

Just in case anybody wondered how serious these people are about their anti-racism and how true it is that the Left supports Ukraine.


5 thoughts on “Anti-racist Hypocrisy

  1. “Just in case anybody wondered … how true it is that the Left supports Ukraine.”

    This is a baffling remark. The entire reason a film about Navalny is winning awards is because Putin is blamed for the war and Navalny is an anti-Putin martyr.


    1. He’s an anti-Putin martyr from the right. He celebrated the annexation of the Crimea. His only criticisms of Putin are that Putin is corrupt and stole the money that would make the Russian army stronger and likelier to invade more successfully.

      This award is perceived as deeply humiliating in Ukraine, especially given that Zelensky was refused a chance to speak.

      Blaming Putin for the war is a gigantic mistake. Putin only started the war because he wanted to remain alive. He would not have held on to power (which in Russia means continued breathing) if he hadn’t invaded.


  2. Hollywood aside, I was thinking about a few things (actually, it was about how the war has divided families between Ukrainian and Russian identities), and I had a realization, which is that from a Ukrainian perspective, this is a war of independence. I guess that should be obvious?


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