Deep Focus and Makeup

Here’s another illustration of why deep focus is amazing. I had to create a document that my university will pay me $600 to make. I hate the idea of making it. I detest that kind of work. But I do want the $600. We are given 2,5 months to complete it because it’s a very complicated bastard with tons of fussy columns and moronic bureaucratic vocab. But I know that I’ll hate my life if I spend a lot of time bogged down in this document.

So I prepared. Dressed up to the nines. Did my hair. Did an elaborate makeup. These are the things that help me get in the zone and that won’t work for anybody else but I found that they really work for me. I know it’s very bizarre to sit in my office alone in this fancy getup but guess what? I did that document in one hour forty-two minutes. Sent it out and was told it’s perfect and all I need to do is sign the paperwork for my payment.

It works, my friends. It really works.


4 thoughts on “Deep Focus and Makeup

    1. ” wearing shoes”

      Ohhhh LA DEE DAAA, Your Royal “I wear shoes”ness!!!

      I can relate, as a kid the bottom of my feet was like shoe leather and even sandals seemed like an unwelcome imposition….

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  1. I totally get this. If I do my hair, put on some makeup and professional clothes, and actually sit in my office at work, I feel much less resentful of the stupid aspects of work, such as various letters of evaluation, forms, surveys, reports, and such.

    In general, if I am in a bad mood, washing and fixing my hair always gives me a boost.

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