As Professor Elena Ponomareva of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations explained on Solovyov’s show in March: “Never let morality prevent you from doing the right thing. I understand the importance of a humanitarian component . . . but morality shouldn’t get in the way.”

Yes, morality is very upsetting, especially when it starts getting in the way.

4 thoughts on “Anti-morality

      1. Haha. I wish I could claim that is a feature of my noble character! Probably has more to do with the fact that I finally nailed down the “brave martyr saints” tune so that I can sing it from plain text, without the music notation (only took like six years, right?). Now it’s an ear-worm that rides around in my head with me, coloring what I read.

        [audio src="" /]

        It’s one of the prosomia: tunes that get recycled often– in this case, the same tune gets used as the basic troparion for every single martyr’s festal day, the words just get changed to say something appropriate to the saint– and of course they all died glorious, violent deaths in the service of God. There are different tunes for desert ascetics, righteous elders, glorious theologians, etc. 😉

        So… martyrs on the brain.

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