How to Be Liked

If you have a meeting where you really want to impress somebody, try repeating everything they say as they say it in your mind. It’s like creating an echo of their words in your brain. (Don’t repeat anything out loud, of course. That will scare people).

The reason why this is a surefire way to make somebody instantly appreciate you is because this technique concentrates your attention deeply and immediately on that person, and people really appreciate attention.

This works beautifully in dating, too. The problem is that a person who requires effort to like you romantically is not worth the effort.


8 thoughts on “How to Be Liked

  1. Re dating, one of my good friends recently got divorced and is out on the market again, generally using dating apps. Let me tell you, it’s a freaking jungle out there. It’s amusing to listen to the tales, but it must be somewhere between disheartening and downright terrifying to be in the middle of it.

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    1. My brother is in that situation. He’s a good dude. Just wants a wife. Trying to work the online dating apps. We talk a lot.

      It’s chaos out there. I keep thinking there’s no way this can last– whatever’s going on among young folks right now cannot support a civilization. That ship’s gotta turn around at some point. Who knows how long it’ll take, or what horrors it’ll morph through on the way? My eldest is going to start noticing girls in the next few years. WTF am I gonna be sending him out into, and does a parent have any hope of equipping him for it?

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      1. “whatever’s going on among young folks right now cannot support a civilization”

        Within just a few years digital technology has undone thousands of years of conditioning that aimed at keeping male and female desire under control and channelled in productive ways and unleashed the basest and very worst reptile hind-brain impulses of both men and women to blossom into their full malodorous and malovent glory….
        I’m wondering if it’s a terrible accident or wanted and planned by the usual suspects….

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        1. Cui bono?

          It does make for a wonderfully pliable population of portable workers and obedient consumers. Never learn to control even base impulses and you’ll buy anything, right? Never form families, and certainly don’t engage in any of the household economies that go with that. Who needs meaning when you have your own K-cup machine?


      2. Apparently there are apps for people who are serious about finding a partner, like whichever one doesn’t have picture in profiles, or the one where women message first etc. My friend (the one who’s in the dating frenzy) shared some wisdom that others have shared with her, and maybe you can share with your brother. Here are a few useful links. Bottom line, he should not let people waste his time. If he’s serious, she should weed out quickly the people who are there for low-key flirting amusement, free meals, and all sorts of things he’s not interested in. No protracted messaging, schedule to meet quickly and see where to go from there.

        My son has tried dating apps and apparently they don’t work for him, but alas he’s also not great about going out and meeting people. I keep telling him girls aren’t going to teleport into his living room, but obviously I’m just annoying him. I am a little worried, though. Young people seem to socialize in person less, they are online more, and there’s less of a chance to meet anyone organically. I do worry about my kids.

        As for my friend, in her case, I don’t think she is looking for anything super serious. She was a bit taken aback by a guy who, after a great first date, basically said, you’re great, but I don’t see we’re compatible enough to stay together forever and that was it. I was honestly impressed. The guy knows what he wants and is not messing around. So I hope your brother finds what he is looking for!

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        1. Yeah, all those things. He has a system now, involving a form letter listing all his liabilities (divorced, kids, plus everything that has ever scared off a potential partner before), basically “hey, putting it all out there, don’t wanna waste your time or mine, if still interested, let’s go for lunch…” This does weed out most people, and he’s met a couple of nice ladies that way. Still… total bust on the find-a-wife front.

          I admire that guy too! That is basically how I handled dating, back in the day: I mostly didn’t. Was asked out now and then, but if I already knew something about the guy that was a dealbreaker, I just said no. Why would I waste my time or his? Literally only went “out on a date” with one guy before I met my husband. He seemed nice, but his religious preferences were incompatible so that was it. Done. Never saw him again, totally fine with that. No idea why people drag things out. It just means if the right one comes along, you’re not available.

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