17 thoughts on “Shutting Up Jeeves

  1. I read somewhere that these type of re-edits and censoring of past books is mostly just a marketing strategy. Pushes people to go out and buy the unedited version “before it’s too late.”

    It’s becoming increasingly obvious how most of these cultural issues boil down to just keep people fighting over non-issues and keep making more money to the people in power or the already super rich. This goes to just about everything from trans pharma stuff, 24 hour news, social media, etc.


    1. It is not a non-issue but a horrifying precedent and precursor of a slide into a gaping abyss. Where do we stop — editing and destroying old manuscripts, demolishing historical art and monuments in the name of scrubbing them clean “problematic” depictions??

      People who don’t understand the concept of history and legacy don’t understand that these are the only things which give civilizations any sense of continuity or stability in their otherwise ephemeral existence.

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      1. I would be concerned if this was being forced upon publishers by the government. However, this is being done by private companies to sell more copies and make more money.
        Look, we’re talking about some pieces of work that I personally never heard of before. It’s free publicity for them and I’m sure it will increase sales one way or another. Keep an eye for future editions of the “Unedited and original” release of these works.

        This is starting to become a modus operandi. Create a fake “crisis “and afterwards release the solution. Either way they make money.

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          1. “haven’t read Wodehouse?…watch the TV series”

            there was a British anthology from the 1970s that was really great, “The Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court” made a particularly strong impression…
            featuring a favorite poem of mine, written by one of the characters.
            It begins….

            Good Gnus
            When cares attack and life seems black,
            How sweet it is to pot a yak,
            Or puncture hares and grizzly bears,
            And others I could mention;
            But in my Animals “Who’s Who”
            No name stands higher than the Gnu;
            And each new gnu that comes in view
            Receives my prompt attention.

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      1. This has been done in the movie industry for a long time. Think about all those “director’s cut” versions that keep popping up. It feels like they are following the same script in the book publishing industry.


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