When Morons Meet

From the local newspaper:

Read the whole thing here because it’s priceless.


2 thoughts on “When Morons Meet

  1. OT: for those who are wondering how well the russian war effort is going….

    Reports of university students in moscow getting mobilization notices (technically against the law, but when has that ever bothered the russian government?)


    dumb fucks couldn’t be bothered to protest when it theoretically might have made a difference so… whatever

    New textbooks are writing Kyiv out of russian history…


    Those who uncritically believe RT should maybe think about this……

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    1. I listened to a recording yesterday of a private phone call between a Russian billionaire and another Russian businessman. It’s really grim. The billionaire says, “Year 2023 is our last chance to get another citizenship and get the hell out of here. Russia is finished. There will be atrocities in the streets of Moscow, these nutcases will be slicing each other with knives. Grab your family, grab your mom, and get the hell out.”

      Obviously, these billionaires are massively to blame for letting things come to this but at least they see how horrible the prospects of Russia are.


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