A Different War

The main selling feature of neoliberal states is supposed to be that they don’t wage war against each other. This might be true but only because they are too busy waging war against their own populations.

Look at the homeless encampments in Philadelphia, or the bombed out villages in rural Spain, among many other examples.

6 thoughts on “A Different War

  1. I thought it was democracies don’t wage wars against each other. Why would politicians in a democracy care about people who don’t vote or pay taxes?


    1. “Democracy” is a euphemism for “neoliberal state” because there’s nothing else any more. At least, not in the West.

      As for the homeless not voting or paying taxes, these people weren’t born homeless. This is not an eternal phenomenon. Homelessness exploded when a large percentage of the population was denied a chance to continue making a living and participating in productive life. These people turned to drugs to numb the pain. Now they are in the streets.

      This is a recent problem. And it’s getting worse.


      1. But were they earning enough to pay taxes when they had jobs? If not the politicians won’t be very motivated to preserve those jobs.


        1. Enough to do what? Nobody earns enough to give more as a bribe or a donation than NIKE could give to move its factories to the third world. Or Apple, or GM. This transaction was profitable to 15 people, and now life is intolerable in many major cities.

          It gets worse, though. These emboldened third-world countries now spread viruses with impunity, shut down our economies but we can’t do anything because NIKE has its factories there.


          1. It’s a lot more than 15 people. These companies have millions of shareholders.

            There was a joke in the 90s that GM was a pension fund that made cars as a sideline because there were more retired auto workers drawing pensions than actual workers making cars.

            I suspect this was the point when the Dems became the party of pension funds, ie capital, and why the current president is a pensioner.


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