Talking Points for Levels 1 and 2

China voted in the UN to recognize Russia as the aggressor in its war against Ukraine. Two days later in the same UN China explained that “yes, we voted for the resolution but we don’t really believe it, yet we still voted but we don’t agree with our own vote.”

These are people who can’t defend their own opinion even at the stupid UN. Nobody cares about what the UN says. Only a total weakling goes into such a state over a UN resolution.

This kind of weak, childish flimflamming brings to mind a country that allowed a virus to escape from a lab because of complete ineptitude, then tried to conceal what happened, then started abusing its own population to conceal that it concealed what happened. It also reminds of a country that hasn’t been able to figure out which Western system of thought to adopt and never even attempted to develop its own.

Is global dominance on the cards for people who can’t make up their own minds on anything?

The West, by the way, totally led during COVID. It led first into a stupid place, then out of the stupid place. But everybody dumbly repeated everything that the West did.

In any case, the talking point about China seeking global dominance is almost as stupid as the talking point that “we need to prevent World War 3.” The latter is aimed at first-level people (the most primitive) and the former at the second-level (somewhat less primitive).


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