A Matter of Choice

You see these war-crazed Russians in news segments, and it all feels far away. But then you see a family member, especially one with a huge resemblance to your child, engaging in these war-loving activities, and it’s really creepy.

The grandma refuses to acknowledge Klara’s existence in any way, yet Klara looks like a mirror image of her. It’s incomprehensible to me that a woman would reject a son and an only grandchild in order to sing bloodthirsty propaganda songs. Instead of finding joy in the continuation of life, she chooses to celebrate violent death.

6 thoughts on “A Matter of Choice

  1. The one phrase that I love from Jordan Peterson is “possessed by ideology.” These people are like human shells whose brain has rotted away and exhist only to spout their ideology. Their whole lives and existence revolves around an ideology.

    Sorry for N, but at this point it’s probably better to just go through life as if his mom is dead.

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  2. ” incomprehensible to me ”

    Not to engage in sidewalk psychoanalysis….. but…. sidewalk psychoanalysis incoming!
    Whipping boy son marries and finds happiness with Ukrainian wife…. this is intolerable to her (since her only relation to him involves inflicting pain) so she refuses to recognize existence of grandchild and finds some degree of psychological grief by joining the military and sining about killing you….
    I mean could the signposts be clearer?
    Am I missing something?

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    1. This makes sense. I’m sure N would have escaped from her clutches eventually but she must be attributing it to me. It’s all so grotesque, it’s hard to believe.


      1. “all so grotesque, it’s hard to believe”

        I would believe it. And if by some horrible misfortune she does end up in the US…. under no circumstances should she ever be left alone unsupervised with Klara (I’m completely serious).


    2. Dark but very insightful.

      I also question if someone shared the video, they must have had bad intentions as well knowing it would cause conflict.


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