Sweet Old Lady

N discovered today that his mother in Russia joined a choir. She wears a military uniform and sings wartime songs. He’s not showing me the videos, so I can only guess at the nature of the songs. You have to pay to participate in the choir, and N’s sister fears that mom will hand over everything she’s got and end up homeless.

Yes, that’s Russian people for you. They don’t expect to get paid to do propaganda work. They go broke paying for the privilege.

I prepared a very nice pre-Memorial Day Weekend celebration today, and I’m hoping that might distract N a bit. But yes, it’s heavy stuff.

Not that it’s a competition, but whenever my mom does some cuckoo bananas stuff, N’s ups the ante and does something much more out there.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Old Lady

    1. The Russian instructor we had this semester is on her twenties and she’s far gone down the rabbit hole. A year in the US has allowed not a shadow of doubt to visit her.


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