Foucault vs Chomsky

I’ve never seen this debate before, people, and I’m loving it. Whose brilliant idea was it to put in the same room one of the leading philosophers of the XXth century and a superficial populist? These guys exist on two planes of reality that do not intersect. It’s like a discussion between an old professor and a freshman who declaims the funny little slogans he learned in high school.

OK, the geek-out is over and we are back to our regular programming.

I Wonder If Chomsky. . .

. . . has been following the recent events in the US Congress and whether he still feels that the Tea Partiers can be recruited for massive support of progressive causes (the┬ávideo┬áhas been removed by YouTube, but it’s clear from the comments what it was about.) A year ago, I said the following:

There is this huge delusion on the Left that there is a way of connecting with some of these people [Tea Partiers] and getting them on our side. Now Chomsky is participating in that delusion as well. But I don’t think that strategy will work. It never has before.

Everybody was trying to persuade me that Tea Partiers are the movement of the disadvantaged and the unemployed who have a huge potential of coming to support a Liberal agenda.

Today, the representatives elected by those same Tea Partiers have destroyed what this country still had left of its welfare system.

Now, was I right or was I completely right?