From Seville to Wisconsin

And in Wisconsin, the recall of Republicans pretty much failed. Two were recalled but one wasn’t, which means that the Republican majority there is intact. If after everything that happened in Wisconsin it is still so hard to organize a recall, then what can we hope for in states where the situation is less dire?

In the meantime, people in Spain are showing the world that they cannot be lied to and abused with impunity. I wonder if they have some balls we could borrow for a little while.

6 thoughts on “From Seville to Wisconsin”

    1. Political means isn’t “everything”. I’m not a nihilist. (even if I don’t see nihilism as invalid)

      And in fact, I don’t support looting stores, but sometimes, there’s reasons why this shit happens, and yeah, you’re right, it achieves a great voter enthusiams for the Conservatives and their own terrorists. This is in part why “pragmatisme” is a part of my “anarcho-pragmatisme”!


  1. This was caused by outside money from campaign contribution groups fronting for rich right wing groups. The total expenditures for the elections in Wisconsin for 2010 was $3.2 million while the total expenditures for the few recall elections was $34 million this year. The labour unions contributed $8 million to the recall but they were out spend three to one by the outside Republican groups i.e. Koch brothers. They (Koch) want to be maintain the impetus for union busting and Wisconsin is key. The current labour dispute at Verizon is also interesting since the company is not negotiating in good faith and wants to eliminate pensions for new hires as well as cuts in salaries for present employees and reducing health benefits. In America money talks and people don’t have cojones.


  2. There is an opportunity for more recalls there when the Repubenron senators who were newly elected in 2010 have “served” for a year. Also for the governor in six months or so.


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