You Never Know Anybody Entirely

My sister and I have been extremely close for 29 years. So I thought I knew everything there was to know about her. But you never fully know anybody, it seems.

In the time I’ve been away from Montreal, she learned to drive. And I discovered that she is one of those drivers who keep making loud comments addressed to other drivers who obviously can’t hear what is being said.

The first time I was in the car with her, I almost fell out of the car because I laughed so hard when she made a passionate diatribe telling the driver that passed us by everything she thought about his personality, appearance, and poor prospects in life.

Now I wonder what kind of driver I would be if I were ever to learn. Maybe I’d discover new things about myself, too.

Are you a talkative or a silent driver?

13 thoughts on “You Never Know Anybody Entirely”

  1. I yell terroriostic threats at other drivers. But only if they do really stupid, dangerous things. My current peeve here is drivers who drive on the wrong side of the road as they approach you going the opposite direction and only barely move over enough to avoid a collision by a few inches when they have six feet or more clearance available on their other (their left) side. These sociopathic people would stop doing this kind of dangerous thing, I suspect, if their four limbs were all amputated and their eyeballs surgically removed.


  2. I yell at everyone on the road for any reason imaginable, including simply being in front of me. I also liberally use my horn when people cut me off or do anything careless, because I hate, hate, HATE speed-demons and unsafe drivers. Actually, I just really hate driving and avoid it at all costs. This is probably partially the reason for my road rage…


  3. I found this out about one of my relatives when I babysat his toddler. I found myself driving along with this 2.5 year old who was shouting at the other drivers things including: “Tu ne sais pas conduire, mon pauvre mec!” …and knew where he had to have learned that.


  4. Generally, people believe that everyone driving slower than me is stupid and those driving faster than me are freaks. Human nature !!

    Well, I tend to use the horn the least possible because I also get pissed when someone behind me is honking like a freak. I say a lot of obscenities to reckless drivers but only in my mind.


  5. I’m one of the speed demons that April probably hates.

    I personally HATE people who drive slowly in the left lane. I can’t blame you if you want to drive slowly, but DON’T hinder my ability to pass you.

    When two cars drive side-by-side at the exact same speed – I will pull inches away from the car in the left lane while laying on my horn and flashing my lights. Those are the drivers that I want to MDK.


  6. I personally HATE people who drive slowly in the left lane. I can’t blame you if you want to drive slowly, but DON’T hinder my ability to pass you.

    When you have a left exit ahead, and tend to drive slowly (i. e. at or near the speed limit) it is important to change lanes and get into the left lane early, since there is a high probability that you will not be able to do so because of all the reckless sociopathic speeders if you wait. I have missed my exit too many times because of this.


    1. Whoever invented the left hand exit (in North America) ought to be strung up from the highest tree. Talk about design stupidity


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