A Hint to the Wise

After you have received the job offer

and signed the contract

and assumed your duties

and completed the first month of work

and received your first two paychecks

you can finally stop reciting your job talk every time you see a colleague.

Because I have to tell you, buddy, it’s getting really really old.

8 thoughts on “A Hint to the Wise

  1. Yes!! Although I knew someone who would go around giving her job talk for about two years after she got the job.


      1. I’d think it’s more annoying for the person actually giving the talk! I was sick of my job talk after my two interviews, and couldn’t bring myself to look at the material in the talk for about six months afterwards.


    1. No, it’ s a talk you give to convince people to hire you. “I’m great for this position because I can teach both in Spanish and English. I can offer a wide variety of courses, etc., etc.”


  2. In my place of work “job talk” means the 40-minute talk on your research that you give on your campus visit. I had pictures of someone reciting an academic lecture of 40-50 minutes to their colleagues in the hallway. Now THAT would be irritating.


  3. I’m great for this position because I can teach both in Spanish and English.

    I am curious. Would you teach a course in beginning Ukranian or Russian if your department asked you to?


    1. I was asked during the job interview if I’d be interested in reviving the Russian program at our university. I have refused and have been refusing ever since. I’m a Hispanist. I’m neither qualified nor interested in anything else.


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