Amazon in Spain!

I just discovered the best piece of news ever from Jonathan’s blog: now there is Amazon in Spain.

And their address is very simple:

This makes me more happy than words can tell. Of course, my bank account is weeping quietly in the background. But who cares if just today I spent two hours scouring our continent for a book I really wanted to get and now I bought it within exactly 20 seconds on Spanish Amazon! And it was their only copy, too. 🙂

I’m having heart palpitations right now because I’m so happy. I need to have some tea to calm down. This is just really huge for me.

P.S. And they offer gift certificates. Family members, are you there? Do you hear this? Gift certificates. Your problem of what to give me as a gift has been solved forever. Please remember that a girl can never have enough books in Spanish.

One thought on “Amazon in Spain!

  1. When I saw the title of this post I was so excited that Queen Calafia’s army had flown in upon their griffins to liberate Constantinople from Christian men. But a book is fine too.


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